Thursday, March 12, 2009

sweep it under the rug.

There once was a time in her life where no one could find her. She retracted so far inside, the look on her face scared people away from asking what was wrong, because they could see that she knew what pain was and unsettlement.. and no words could cure that. Everything about her body screamed anger, but she couldn't create sound to deal with it, and she just wanted the satisfaction of telling him, like speaking in tongue, his mouth was full of sweets, rotting his teeth. What a horrible person you are.


  1. Scarlet,
    I like the writing with the pictures. It's like you're commenting on your own work. Keep doing that.
    I notice that the last post was on March 12, Thats more than two weeks ago. What gives?

  2. Hello Scarlett,
    Where are those new photographs?

  3. scar i love this little narrative text to go with the photo. Maybe you should think of including text in your show?