Thursday, March 12, 2009

sweep it under the rug.

There once was a time in her life where no one could find her. She retracted so far inside, the look on her face scared people away from asking what was wrong, because they could see that she knew what pain was and unsettlement.. and no words could cure that. Everything about her body screamed anger, but she couldn't create sound to deal with it, and she just wanted the satisfaction of telling him, like speaking in tongue, his mouth was full of sweets, rotting his teeth. What a horrible person you are.

we are just a bunch of parts.

So I've been working on images like this, things are becoming more ambiguous and unsettling. There's a mystery now to the composition and the color. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This image is still in the works, I'm playing with the tighter compositions but combining 2 or more images, like I have done with  the mannequins, but now applying that idea to  the human body.
I like the composition of this image, the lines and angles have my eye floating along. Ethan and I talked about taking the images of humans and maybe making them look more like mannequins and vise versa... Not that I necessarily think I made the body (in this image) look more plastic, but I started to manipulate the skin in a different way. There is a mysterious feel to this image that I'm attracted to, usual a theme in my past photo projects.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Works in Progress

So there are a couple things going on here, Ron and I have been talking about taking an abundant of tight shots, Mannequin vs Human, but printing them out rather small. It would over be a collection of well thought out, rich compositions. 

The second image of the purple mannequin is a bit more traditional, Its almost an extension of what I was doing in Digital with the Mannequins. The two images left, I am exploring more with 
photoshop, as I did in Digital, which I really enjoyed the process and the outcome.   Like, I said these images are still in the process of being worked on,  I will add more as I begin new ones, and as others get closer to a finished state.